Architectural Design & Selection Strategy

At Stevyn Herring Homes, we focus on functional efficiency with clients desires at the forefront. We would be honored to work with your architect or provide you one of several other sources. Interior and exterior selections can be challenging, allow our selected Designers to assist in assuring your desires. The selection of appealing products which are supported in the supply chain is fundamental to a successful build project.

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Budget Strategy

Upon prelim design and key selections agreement, a preliminary budget can be organized and presented. When construction documents and specifications are complete, a hard budget can be submitted. Attaining a clear understating of inclusions, exclusions (water well, septic, fencing, etc), and change process is also another strong strategy of Stevyn Herring Homes.

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Jobsite Management

Upon choosing us, a building "cycle time" calendar is provided upfront. The calendar includes builder performance milestones, as well as client required milestones. Builder's jobsite presence is guaranteed to meet expected timeframes, trade performance, and cleanliness.

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Main Message

The Homebuilding Industry is diverse and exciting in countless ways. I have enjoyed the creative and relational aspects of it greatly these last many years.

My experiences in virtually every aspect have provided me the foundation for my enterprise.

Whether organizing literally thousands of homes of building material needs, overseeing a truss fabrication facility, or involvement in design, procurement, estimating, and delivery of over 50,000 homes in the Greater Austin area; each experience and knowledge that I have gained, is invaluable. 

However significant these "mechanical" aspects are, clearly the relationships that I have gained and the learning from the skilled and dedicated people I have had the pleasure to know and be a part of, that is my greatest joy in this industry.

I would be sincerely honored to assist you and your family with your dream in the Texas Hill Country.

It is in its' purest description a "People Industry"


Stevyn Herring